Circuit Board N00b

Today in Lab we fiddled around with the Arduino kits for the first time. Turns out, it's not as hard as it sounds. 

I made the stoplight part of the "Arduino Blink Challenge" in an average amount of time, keeping up, or perhaps even doing slightly better, than my classmates. So overall it was deemed a win in my mind. I didn't really encounter any major challenges, thanks to the detailed tutorial by toptechboy. I understood how to create a longer and shorter blink with the delay function, no problem. I'm glad we worked mostly alone because it gave me a chance to work with the kit myself instead of having someone more experienced just swoop in and take control. I enjoy the lab setting the most when I'm working alone, together at a table. When I have an issue I'm not afraid to ask someone and collaborate, but it's not full on group mode. I'm excited to start learning more on the kit, especially when we have to do music. I hope we're using those kits. (Side note: I think that was mentioned in class, but with all the other things I have going on I really can't be bothered to remember minute detail.) 

Verdict: Not as scary as it seems. I'm better at this stuff than I thought. I like the learning pace, it's at a level that's slightly challenging, but also gives me a confidence boost to be excited to continue working with the equipment. 


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